ID checks

Verifying your ID is an easy and simple way to increase a potential roommate’s confidence in contacting your listing. A verified ID provides assurance that you are a real person and serious about finding a roommate.

ID checks are different from background checks as it does not search criminal records, sex offender registries, and terrorist watchlist.

Who can verify their ID?

Members can verify their driver’s license, ID card, or passports.

You can only verify your own ID as live selfie photos are required to match your face to your ID photo.

Tip: If you would like to request an ID check from another user, please notify the user they will need to purchase and complete the ID check from their own Roomies account.

Get an ID Check

What are the payment options?

The cost to complete an ID check is R 75. You can complete payment on a credit or debit card. Payments are processed by Stripe (one of the largest and most secure online payment providers). Your card details are encrypted and sent directly from your browser to Stripe so they are totally secure. Roomies does not receive or store your card details.

What's next?

Roomies has partnered with Stripe to perform the ID checks. After you have made a purchase, you will be prompted to use your phone or a webcam to proceed with the verification.

Stripe will provide step-by-step instructions to successfully submit your ID and selfie photos. It is important to submit a clear, non-blurry photo to avoid any delays to your verification. After you submit your photos, the Stripe team will immediately approve or reject your ID check.

Tip: Please ensure to allow access to your phone or computer camera when prompted. If you decline access, you may see a black screen and will be unable to continue with your verification until you change your browser or phone settings to allow Roomies access to your camera.

If you receive an email that your ID is unverified, please try again by clicking on the ID check option from your dashboard.

If you experience any difficulties submitting your photos, please send us an email.

After you have completed your ID check, you will receive a verification tick which will let others know that your ID has been verified!